2008 Holiday Recipe – Tschuggen Peak Cheese Fondue

(Serves six people)

1 tablespoon unbleached all-purpose flour
½ lb Emmental cheese, coarsely grated (2 cups)*
½ lb Gruyere, coarsely grated (2 cups)*
1 garlic glove, lightly crushed
1 ½ cups dry white wine
2 teaspoons kirsch (optional)
* Note: Emmental and Gruyere are traditional for fondue; other cheeses that work well are full-flavor alpine cheese such as Appenzeller, Comte, Tete de Moine and Petit Jurassic.


In a large bowl, toss the cheeses together with the flour until coated.
Rub inside of a 4-quart heavy pot with the garlic. Then discard garlic. Add wine and kirsch (if using) to pot and bring to a gentle simmer over low heat.
Stir in shredded cheeses by the handful waiting for the cheese to thoroughly melt before adding the next handful. Stir constantly and do not allow to boil. After fondue begins to simmer and thicken in 6 to 8 minutes, transfer to fondue pot set over a low flame.
Use cubes of French bread, apples and pears to dip.
Drink with a dry white wine, such as Riesling, Sancerre or a Swiss white wine.

Created by David Matthews for Connect Consulting Group.

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