What is the Silent, Sugarcoated Moose® ?

The moose is an engaging, entertaining and enabling approach to building credibility and trust.

The Silent, Sugarcoated Moose® is a mutated species of the “moose on the table” or the “elephant in the room.” Everyone sees and knows about the moose but no one says anything. And everyone continues to ignore the moose when others try to put a positive spin on negative news. Or, they attempt to totally silence the moose and everything around it, which feeds the rumor mill.

If not hunted and tamed, the Silent, Sugarcoated Moose® can bust trust and even destroy reputations. This moose is a different breed than wild moose. (See moose facts)

The metaphorical moose makes people ill at ease, so people tend to pretend moose don’t exist. Yet when you and others highlight moose rather than hide them, it’s easier to cut to the chase of conversations and build personal credibility and trust. It’s also easier to show and see how individuals are living their personal values as well as their corporate values.

Then when you and others move to the next stage—hunting and taming moose—you stop the moose from hurting productivity, personal credibility, and company reputation. Instead, you build even greater trust both inside and outside their organization.