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We apply science so you can improve:


We help you identify and knit your “golden threads” to clarify your vision, plans and goals so you can make a bigger impact faster.

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We help you engage with employees and other stakeholders so you can successfully involve them in fulfilling your change mandate.

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We help you run more effective and efficient meetings with our brain-friendly tools and techniques to advance your agenda.

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Focused on being more collaborative and inclusive in your organization?

Make sure leaders use inclusive words and phrases, rather than typical engrained exclusionary language.

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Inclusion: The New Leadership Imperative


When Less Is More...

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Less is More:  Increasing Recall by Reducing Content.



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5 ways to boost your confidence

“I need more confidence.” “If I could be more confident, I’d be more successful.” “We women shouldn’t complain about our lack of confidence; instead, we should just follow that advice to ‘fake it ‘till we make it’.” These are common themes I’ve heard from women at...

How to be relevant while privileged

“I rise to a point of personal privilege.” That sentence was my first formal exposure to privilege back in high school. I was clueless about the broader definition, even though I was a beneficiary. While personal privilege is an archaic practice for meetings today, it...