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We help you identify and knit your “golden threads” to clarify your vision, plans and goals so you can make a bigger impact faster.

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We help you engage with employees and other stakeholders so you can successfully involve them in fulfilling your change mandate.

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We help you run more effective and efficient meetings with our brain-friendly tools and techniques to advance your agenda.

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Focused on being more collaborative and inclusive in your organization?

Make sure leaders use inclusive words and phrases, rather than typical engrained exclusionary language.

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Inclusion: The New Leadership Imperative


When Less Is More...

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Less is More:  Increasing Recall by Reducing Content.



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Why and how to avoid silencing “others”

Miami has always been a favorite travel spot of mine. It was the first big city I ever visited without my parents. As a high school student from Sand Springs, OK, I represented the state of Oklahoma at the Future Business Leaders of America national conference.  ...

How to inspire informed employees to be more trusting

When was the last time you thanked employees for staying on top of public policy and business news? Employees who consume news are a valuable asset to their employer, business and society. Even better, the size of this  "informed public" group is skyrocketing,...

How to become more self-aware: Get to know your brain

Even if you have high self-awareness, you may not be optimizing how your brain works. That can hurt your performance, especially decision-making; your relationships; and your health, both short and long-term. While all human brains function in a similar manner, each...