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We apply science so you can improve:


We help you identify and knit your “golden threads” to clarify your vision, plans and goals so you can make a bigger impact faster.

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We help you engage with employees and other stakeholders so you can successfully involve them in fulfilling your change mandate.

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We help you run more effective and efficient meetings with our brain-friendly tools and techniques to advance your agenda.

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Focused on being more collaborative and inclusive in your organization?

Make sure leaders use inclusive words and phrases, rather than typical engrained exclusionary language.

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Inclusion: The New Leadership Imperative


When Less Is More...

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Less is More:  Increasing Recall by Reducing Content.



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Recently succeed at something? Celebrating is good for your brain

This blog post is dedicated to all the individuals I coach who say they don't bother acknowledging their achievements. Ignoring accomplishments is bad for your health, short and long-term! Your celebrations don't have to be elaborate, just intentional, sincere and...

Why and how you need to adapt to prevent stagnation

Adapt. This verb is absent from the various “power verb” lists of ideal action words for strengthening your messages. Yet, adapt is a potent and popular word to convey the adjustments we need to make as individuals and organizations. If we’re to survive and especially...

How to navigate a better work culture for all

Could the gap between CEO’s confidence and employees’ experiences be any bigger? Look at the key findings from these two recent studies: CEOs are confident that they have the right culture in place to succeed in 2025, according to The Conference Board about its annual...