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We apply science so you can improve:


We help you identify and knit your “golden threads” to clarify your vision, plans and goals so you can make a bigger impact faster.

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We help you engage with employees and other stakeholders so you can successfully involve them in fulfilling your change mandate. 

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We help you run more effective and efficient meetings with our brain-friendly tools and techniques to advance your agenda. 

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From the blog

Why you need to walk the talk and eat the dog food

Since February, I’ve been eating my own dog food.  In other words, I’m using the tools and following the advice I provide to my clients for a specific situation. While the experience has taken me out of my comfort zone, it’s worth it. I’m growing as a coach and...

Why you need safety for a high-performing culture

To what extent do you practice “safety first” – specifically psychological safety – in your team meetings and other group settings at work?  Harvard University Professor Amy Edmondson who studies psychological safety defines it "a shared belief that the team is safe...

How to improve your balance on the neural seesaw

Been on any seesaws lately? Maybe not at the playground, but you’ve probably experienced a “neural seesaw” in your head. Your brain actually switches between two distinct thinking networks, thinking socially and thinking analytically. Dr. Matthew Lieberman, UCLA...