Why we need to embrace each other’s rich complexity (And how to do so effectively)

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Do you believe the future of work will embrace our humanity — that is, acknowledge that people are humans, not machines?

If so, we need to acknowledge that we humans tend to be complicated, contradictory and self-centered individuals. And we live in volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous times. To say it another way, we’re not simple people inhabiting a simple world.

We need to appreciate each other for the unique individuals we are and the complicated lives we lead. As we show our care, concern, and compassion for each other, we need to embrace a range of messiness around our lives. We can’t try to instill simplistic order that doesn’t exist. Instead, take the time to build relationships.

For more about this, read my latest Forbes Coaches Council article: https://bit.ly/3sktrSj


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