Who We Serve

Do you face workplace communication challenges?

We offer products and services for people who face communications challenges and problems on the job.

We work with individuals and teams in all types of organizations and industries, including the private sector, non-profit and government.

Most people interested in LEAN COMMUNICATIONS™ tips, tools and techniques find themselves in one or more of these situations:

You’re a corporate communications professional who’s short on time, staff, and budget. Your leaders as well as your other business partners are expecting you to do more with less, and still get great results. You’re feeling overwhelmed. Plus you’re concerned that you’re not getting the respect you deserve. You know you need to work smarter, not harder, but how?

You’re a manager or leader who needs to improve your communications with your colleagues quickly yet easily. Your boss, co-workers and staff members keep telling you “You don’t communicate enough,” “I don’t really understand what you’re telling me,” or “Why can’t you listen as well as you talk?” You know you need to improve, but it’s hard to find the time or the resources that can help you.

You’re an HR professional who’s been given the added responsibility for employee communications, or maybe HR communications. You know communications is important, but you not sure where to start, especially since you’ve already got too much other work.

You’re on a lean team and you need to influence others, from executives to employees. You’re responsible for explaining to novices throughout your organization what lean and process management are all about and what they need to start doing differently. You’re an expert in lean and you want to spread the word. But you’re stuck on how to communicate because communications is not your area of expertise.

You’re new to lean and you want to figure out how to maximize its value. You understand how lean works in manufacturing and office settings, but you’re not sure of its applications to communications. But since everyone needs to communicate, maybe you can benefit from the LEAN COMMUNICATIONS™ systemommunications and do your job better. You’re right!

Who is most likely to succeed using our LEAN COMMUNICATIONS™ system?

Our clients and customers typically share one of 5 key characteristics. If at least one of these fit you, you likely can immediately benefit from our LEAN COMMUNICATIONS™ system.

Next, learn how you can apply the LEAN Communications system to work smarter, not harder, and get great results.