Want to be a more nimble leader? Try stretching

by | May 27, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Why are nimble leaders—also referred to as “agile leaders,” “elevated leaders” and “deliberately developmental leaders”—in such demand today? They’re better prepared to deal with constant changes, uncertainty, disruption, growing complexity, and multiple stakeholders with competing expectations than others.

What makes these leaders so effective? They respond to the complexity of the situations they face with their own complexity. In other words, they recognize they can’t rely on their gut, best practices, or existing playbooks.

Instead, these individuals take time to tap into their curiosity and imagination and the worldviews they and others hold. They’re able to examine situations in more intricate, systemic, and interdependent ways, working closely with others.

If you want to be a nimble leader, you need to become more self-aware, including realizing that you need to stretch and grow, which takes time and effort. To help you develop, you also can introduce three “M” stretches into your routine. That’s muscles, mind, and moments as I explain in this Forbes Coaches Council article, Want to be a more nimble leader? Try stretchingpublished online May 22, 2023.


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