“Tweet this: 3 ways to leverage social media for change to get priceless results”

ACMP 2011 Sketchnotes Liz Guthridge

SketchNote by Dave Elfanbaum


Want to know how you can use social media (or even the ideas behind the technology) to inspire more people to action and help you get better results?

  • Wish you could meet John Kotter, Daryl Conner, Thad Allen and all the other speakers joining Liz Guthridge at the sold-out global Association of Change Management Professionals conference in Orlando?
  • Need to increase your comfort level with social media as a change tool while providing up-to-date counsel to your leaders?

Then join me, Liz Guthridge of Connect, for this free, teleclass, register below and receive access to the call recording.

Start optimizing your time with social media—and its key tenets—rather than feeling like it’s a bigger time suck than Angry Birds, FarmVille, and Mafia Wars combined.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this FREE, content-rich teleclass:

  • 3 effective ways to use social media to support your change initiative
  • How social media can save you—and your change initiative— time and money
  • How to use social media to help you transform your culture as well as achieve your change goals
  • How to manage social media so it doesn’t overpower, overwhelm, and overthrow you
  • How you can take advantage of the best benefits of social media when you have to admit your most dependable tool is email.

During this session, you’ll learn some tips, tools, and techniques you can apply immediately.

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About Liz Guthridge. Liz Guthridge is the only change leadership and communication expert who’s trained with David Nadler, Roger D’Aprix, and General Henry M. Robert, which definitely gives her a unique perspective. She has years of experience turning change initiatives from exercises in frustration to success stories, including counseling leaders on how to build their credibility. Liz also is an early adopter of social media, successfully using it in her own business as well as advising her clients on how to use it well. As a change consultant to salesforce.com, she’s been using Chatter since the company launched it in 2010.