Training services

We provide a range of training services as well as facilitation services.

The core training programs are:

  • Communication-related.
  • Habit design.
  • Crisis management: preparedness and responsiveness.

The communication-related training includes:

  • Connect the brain-friendly way: How to apply 7 brain-science techniques to connect and communicate better with key stakeholders.
  • Be lean: How to adopt Lean Communications® principles and practices to communicate more effectively with stakeholders.
  • Choose clarity over chaos: How to describe your strategies, goals and plans succinctly, crisply and memorably.
  • Be more respectful, credible and influential: How to improve your effectiveness in working with others to gain their compliance and commitment.
  • Be lean: How to adopt Lean Communications® principles and practices to communicate more effectively with stakeholders.

The habit design training includes:

  • Lean your way to success: How to use Lean Communications® tips, tools and techniques to work smarter, not harder.
  • Adopt FLIP habits to improve your results: Learn how to become more confident, consistent and credible in how you focus, listen, involve and personalize your messages. Those who adopt FLIP habits are better positioned to lead in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) work world.
  • Involve others from micro-methods to smart-mob organizing: How to identify, select and use the right involvement techniques to get stakeholders on board, supporting and collaborating with you and your current initiative as well as setting the groundwork for future initiatives.
  • Shorten the path from your “ask” to others’ “act”: How to make clear, compelling resquests to inspire people to take actions and start developing new habits.

The crisis management training includes:

  • Be prepared by thinking like a sociopath and acting like saint: How to build a crisis management plan that guards against self-inflicted chaos, which builds off of Ian Mitroff’s ground-breaking work.
  • Strength-building through crisis management: How to adopt a different mindset and new habits to strengthen your organization as well as your crisis preparedness.

All of these training programs can be delivered as workshops, seminars, keynotes or breakouts. All involve a degree of interactivity.

We also provide customized training and facilitation in addition to these core training programs.

Liz  also facilitates planning meetings, retreats and other types of meetings. For these, she demonstrates how brain-friendly principles as well as Lean Communications® practices benefit you and your colleagues.