Strategic Action Groups for individuals

Are you concerned that you may be on the sidelines rather than in the middle of all the action, especially when organizational changes are afoot?

You’ve got strong technical skills, including amazing communication credentials. However, are you confident that your leaders will always call you onto the field as one of their trusted “go to” advisors?

For example, they may count on you to do their ghost-writing, but do they turn to you when they need strategic counsel or advice?

If you’re a Communication professional who has these concerns or is aware that you’re not stepping up to help with lead change or other strategic initiatives, you may be sabotaging your career long-term…even if you’re a strong performer. People who continue to play it safe rather than take the initiative and help lead their organization may find themselves left behind.

Connect’s Strategic Action Groups equip you with the knowledge, support and on-the-job assistance you need to adopt new skills, change your mindset, and gain the self-assurance you need to succeed as a trusted strategic advisor on communication and change communication issues in your organization.

Plus, you’ll learn to be easy to work with, which leaders value. Leaders have little patience with those who become fearful, frazzled and fatigued when faced with ambiguity or other challenges.

You’ve got to be ready to move out of your comfort zone into a new space….

A place where:

  • You’ll have new skills so you can support your leaders and then influence your peers, leaders, and other important stakeholders on key issues.
  • You’ll have confidence to advise leaders on both strategic and tactical issues. You’ll be willing to speak truth to power
  • You’ll be viewed as a credible advisor in your organization—one of the valued, indispensable “go-to” people when leaders need support.

We offer two types of Strategic Action Groups:

  1. For corporate communication professionals, 5-sessions each in the Spring and Fall.
  2. For independent communication consultants, 5-sessions in the Winter.

These groups, which are limited in size to provide personal attention and support, are designed for individuals who want to gain the skills, experience and confidence to serve as a trusted,  strategic communication advisor, especially around change issues. The combination of personal skill-building with coaching, mentoring and peer-to-peer interaction provides valuable support to take careers to the next level.

If you prefer one-on-one coaching instead of a group environment, please contact us.

To learn more about us, you can look at our other services, read about how we work, review our case studies that show how we’ve helped our clients achieve results, or find out more about us.