Strategic Advisor Survey Results

Results summary:

Strategic Communications Strategic Advisor Survey Executive Summary of Results

Results Summary Powerpoint

Advice from Strategic Communication Advisors in Connect survey

Biggest challenge strategic communication advisors face in Connect survey

Recording of call with Liz Guthridge discussing the survey results.

Additional posts on curating and eliminating non value-add work

About being a Strategic Advisor:

In reflecting on the survey results and their implications, think whether you’re committed to the Strategic Advisor role. As the survey results show and the write-in comments confirm, it’s not the career path for everyone.

And if you are committed to being a Strategic Advisor, ask yourself: “What actions do I want and need to take to increase the value I provide?” The answers will help you get or stay on the path to be an effective Absolute Advisor.

If professional development is on your action list, then consider either the  Strategic Action Group  for employees that starts in March 2012  or the Strategic Action Group for  Consultants which starts in January 2012.  You’ll join a small group of other committed Strategic Advisors and me for mentoring, networking and strategic thinking support. The group is a simple, reasonable way to get the time, sounding board and discussions that strategic advisors, including Absolute Advisors, say they want and need.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about the Strategic Action Group, the survey results or anything else, please e-mail me.


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