Mergers and Acquisitions

Effective communication is a critical component of successful mergers and acquisitions. It can’t guarantee success, but its absence can contribute to failure. Ten tips for more effective communication are:

  1. Feed people’s huge hunger for information and need for direction.
  2. Listen; don’t just tell your story.
  3. Make sure leaders are visible internally, their actions and words match, and they commit to communicating regularly.
  4. Identify, target and regularly re-evaluate all of your stakeholders to ensure you are meeting their needs.
  5. Coordinate internal and external communication, especially for consistent messages, timing and speed.
  6. Explain the process and timing for each stage: due diligence, approvals, closing and integration.
  7. Establish communication roles and responsibilities between the companies involved in the merger or acquisition.
  8. Acknowledge and address employees’ feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.
  9. Always remember that informal communication influences people more than formal communication.
  10. Maintain momentum and commitment to “business as usual” activities and continue to communicate them.