Free Teleclass: Measurement Beyond Engagement Surveys

Sleep. Exercise. Measurement.

Research studies frequently show that these three things are in short supply among the working population. David Youssefnia of Critical Metrics and Liz Guthridge of Connect Consulting can’t help you get more sleep or exercise. However, we can show you some fairly simple steps to start measuring more and reaping the benefits. These benefits include:

  • Data that validate your gut, speak to your executives and convince them to take the actions you recommend
  • Insights that help you see new ways to work to improve performance
  • Ideas from employees or customers that you convert into enhanced products and services
  • And many more!

Measurement doesn’t have to be complicated, time consuming, or expensive—which are the most common excuses we hear for not measuring regularly–other than the annual engagement survey. (Just read these measurement success stories.)

In fact, by spending so little time and energy on measurement, you’re only hurting yourself, your leaders and your other constituents.

So join us—Liz Guthridge of Connect and David Youssefnia of Critical Metrics—for this free, teleclass about measurement.   Sign up below for access to the recording.

Liz will interview David about easy-to-implement ways to measure more and benefit. (We’ll talk about everything but annual engagement surveys.) Register below and receive access to the call recording.

Get ready to measure more in 2012 so you can benefit from the information, ideas and insights all around you.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this FREE, content-rich teleclass:

  • Why you should gather metrics regularly rather than fear or avoid them
  • How to decide which measurement approach to choose
  • What simple measurement techniques you can do on your own under the radar
  • How to measure employee behavior to increase your impact
  • Who can support you and serve as your sponsor and ally

During this session, you’ll also learn some tips, tools and techniques you can apply immediately.

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David and Liz frequently work together. Here’s a brief bio for each.

About David Youssefnia.  David Youssefnia, PhD, is a metrics guy. He works with companies to help them find and create insights about employees, customers and business success by applying  organizational research techniques, measurement and analysis.David started his career in the survey world. Since he founded Critical Metrics in 2004,  he has worked with such world-class organizations as The United Nations,, and the MetLife Insurance Company. Now based in Seattle, David is also an active faculty member of Baruch College’s International Executive MS Program in Management of HR and Global Leadership. David received his B.A. in Psychology from the State University of New York at Albany and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the City University of New York.


About Liz Guthridge. Liz Guthridge is the only change leadership and communication expert who’s trained with David Nadler, Roger D’Aprix and Dr. David Rock as well as mastered General Henry M. Robert’s Robert’s Rules of Order. This diverse experience, combined with her passion for evidence-based management, definitely gives her a unique perspective. She has years of experience turning change initiatives from exercises in frustration to success stories, including coaching leaders on how to build their credibility.