Coaching services

We help you achieve your individual and organization goals by working with you to sharpen your focus, thinking and clarity. 

We also support you in developing new habits to improve your decision-making and actions. 

Our coaching approach is based on contemporary neuroscience research, along with studies from the positive psychology movement, adult learning theory, systems theory and change theory.

In particular, our coaching follows the brain-based Results Coaching System of the NeuroLeadership Group. The advantages include:

  • Results-focused
  • Action-oriented
  • Easy to follow, learn and apply on your own

This coaching helps you improve your thinking so you can improve your decision-making and take better actions. You’re able to concentrate and act on the few vital issues, rather than the trivial many.

These one-on-one sessions, generally 12 in number, are tailored to your busy schedule and the specific challenges you face.

The one-hour intense coaching conversation serves as a springboard for you to focus on execution and results.

To learn more about us, you can look at our other services, read about how we work, review our case studies that show how we’ve helped our clients achieve results, or find out more.