How to think better at home than the office

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Have you set yourself up for success to think clearly, creatively, and flexibly at home? It’s certainly possible, especially since only 10% of office workers report doing their best thinking at the office.

For those who haven’t worked frequently from home before we all started sheltering-in-place, it can feel odd to stay at home rather than go to a workplace.

And even for those of who are experienced work-at-homers, we’re now spending almost all of our waking hours at home — working; home-schooling children; relaxing with family members; exercising; socializing virtually with family and friends, etc.– which also feels strange.

Nevertheless, you can perform better better at home than the office — if you take the time to intentionally design a work environment and schedule that’s custom tailored to fit you and your brain.

Read my tips and techniques in How to think better at home than the office, which Forbes published on April 24, 2020.

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