Communication challenges

Change challenges. For example, are you facing employee resistance to change? Are you and your team members feeling change weary? Are you dealing with low morale that’s hurting customer service (internal or external), productivity, or teamwork? Are you getting requests from your leaders that require you to respond quickly and act differently? Are you experiencing a knowing/doing gap that could sabotage your success? Do you need to accelerate the pace of your change implementation?

Communication challenges. Are you wondering if your messages are getting through? Are you being perceived as credible? Are you getting feedback about needing to improve your listening skills, being more accessible or responsive, or engaging better with people?

Communication services. As a communication professional, are you getting requests from leaders that your communication support and services need to be more strategic, less reactive, and more consultative to the business? Do you and your staff need to think and act more like business people? How are you thinking about restructuring your department, training your staff, and taking other actions to be better equipped to serve as trusted communication advisors to your leaders?