Who We Serve

Connect serves leaders (enterprise, business unit or department) who are introducing a new strategy or a strategic initiative that require employees and others to work differently.

For example, you may be responsible for:

  • Implementing a new strategy or program.
  • Introducing new technology.
  • Outsourcing a process or several processes.
  • Asking your customers to provide their own customer service.
  • Integrating new team members after an acquisition.
  • Changing your department structure and roles and responsibilities.
  • Adjusting your services and products to support a change in company direction or strategy, or countless other complicated changes.

If you’re like most of Connect’s clients, you face two challenges:

  • You have a short window of opportunity to act to meet your goals.
  • You still need to do your day job while also being responsible for implementing a new strategy or initiative.

You have no to little margin for error.  You must do things well the first time, making sure your words and actions match and inspire employees to action.

Our clients come to us when they need to:

  • Implement a new change initiative when the stakes are high.
  • Get an objective perspective on a challenge or emerging issue.
  • Address employee or team resistance to change.
  • Deal with low morale that’s hurting customer service, productivity and teamwork.
  • Respond quickly to requests that require new behavior.

In addition, the individuals we work with are often thinking about:

  • How do I integrate my initiative into everything else we’re doing so it supports our strategy as well as our brand?
  • What can I say and do to reach people and make them care about what we’ve got to do?
  • How do I make sure I’m walking my talk and inspiring people to take action?
  • Why are we spending so much time talking about minutia and administrivia rather than focusing on the issues that matter?
  • How come I feel like we’re about to stall or veer out of control?

Clients are most likely to be successful working with Connect if you value:

  • Effectiveness and efficiencies and appreciate the difference between the two. We first take time to understand your problems and then work with you to tailor a solution that’s right for you. We next do the right things quickly.
  • Asking and engaging instead of telling and selling. To connect with workers and influence them to take action, leaders must involve employees rather than give orders. We help you start conversations, gather useful feedback and engage employees in ways to do things differently—using every day, easy-to-understand words, pictures and metaphors that resonate with them.
  • Collaborating. We are dedicated to supporting our clients to meet their organizational and personal goals, stay on schedule and budget and make sure the changes they’re implementing stick.

We’re not miracle workers, though. You’ve got to get in the game too. Work is a contact sport in which you can’t succeed if you stay on the sidelines. To succeed, we’ve got to collaborate with you leading with our support.

If Connect seems like a potential partner for you, you can see some of our clients, read about the results we’ve helped them deliver in our case studies, or learn about how we work. Or simply contact us.

Our Clients

Since 2004, Connect has served a number of organizations. We’re proud that more than 80% of our work is from repeat customers.

Our clients include:

Bayer Health Care
The Clorox Company

Hewlett Packard Connect Consuling Client Juniper Networks Sales Force