Can you overcome two obstacles to lead with empathy?

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Here’s what executive presence looks like now: Leaders who show their humility and vulnerability as they express kindness, compassion and empathy for us and others. And, by the way, we also want them to deal with all the extreme uncertainty we face.

Being a kinder, more compassionate and empathetic leader all the time is different from the actions of a traditional executive. Typically, leaders call on their empathy skills during a crisis and then revert to their regular style once the crisis ends.

Now if leaders are to adopt empathy as a way of being, they need to address two possible issues that could get in their way: their neural seesaw and their position of power.

To learn how the neural seesaw and power can obstruct empathy, read my Forbes article Can you overcome these two obstacles to lead with empathy? published on September 25, 2020.



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