About Us

Why Connect?

Companies hire Connect the first time because of our experience and expertise, especially our ability to clarify complex issues, involve critical stakeholders and execute key actions.

Clients bring us back again because we deliver results.

Connect delivers solid results because our approach and work are:

  • Tailored—We use practical strategies and tactics that fit you and your organization. Tapping into our extensive experiences, we help you reduce risks, avoid drama and build credibility and trust.
  • CollaborativeWe work by your side, supporting you to identify the best path for you to take and helping you along the way. We build networks of internal champions, often across departments and functions, who take ownership and help influence others to take action.
  • NimbleWe assimilate quickly into your organization, getting a sense of your culture and work demands, as well as the big picture of the problems and challenges you’re facing. We’re able to build rapport with team members as well as other stakeholders across functions, which helps us work with minimal supervision as well as run interference to get things done.

We recognize that companies have time and budget constraints so we work within our clients’ boundaries.

Being fast, flexible and easy-to-work with means we are a low-maintenance, high-value solution to your challenges.

By working with us, our clients enjoy:

  • Improved relationships with their internal and external customers who sing their praises.
  • Achievement of their performance goals as well as goals for the strategic initiative, while staying on schedule and budget.
  • Peace of mind and pride knowing they successfully completed a critical initiative.
  • Enhanced skills, especially in applying brain-based science, to improve the way they work.
  • Increased credibility, which often results in greater recognition and promotions.

Connect’s clients express relief that we turn ambiguous and chaotic situations into a clear path that allows them to move quickly to achieve their goals.

Employees adapt and work with renewed energy and optimism for the future—which helps you meet your goals for your initiative. You also can become more agile and start to build more capabilities inside your organization to give you greater peace of mind and speedier results.


Connect is an award-winning, independent and specialized management consulting firm focused on helping leaders and their team turn their blue-sky ideas into green-pasture actions.

Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2004 by Liz Guthridge, Connect works with:

  • Organizational leaders (enterprise, business unit or functional) who are introducing a new strategy or strategic initiative.  
  • HR leaders who want to increase organizational agility and effectiveness. 
  • Communication professionals who want to serve as more trusted advisors. 

More than 80% of our business comes from repeat customers. Our clients come to Connect when they need to:

  • Implement a new strategy or strategic initiative, especially when the stakes are high.
  • Get an objective perspective on a challenge or emerging issue.
  • Address employee or team resistance to an initiative or requested action.
  • Deal with low morale that’s hurting customer service, productivity and teamwork.
  • Respond quickly to requests that require individuals to take new actions.

Connect is able to cut through the clutter quickly, making sure our clients are seeing through their blind spots, hearing past their echo chambers and working above the internal politics.

We identify and articulate the real problem and work with you to figure out the most practical, effective way to solve it.

Liz GuthridgeAbout Liz Guthridge of Connect

Liz Guthridge leads Connect, a woman-owned business. Liz has built the firm to reflect her core values. These include:

  • Integrity—doing the right thing every time
  • Empathy—walking in other peoples’ shoes and exploring issues from their points of view
  • Candor—being sincere and frank, including speaking truth to power
  • Respect—holding others in high regard, listening carefully to them and valuing their skills, opinions and time
  • Accountability—Being responsive and responsible, including keeping promises and being discrete, especially with sensitive information.

Liz also is known for her ideas, insights and relationships.

If you’re also curious like Liz, you can read more about her.


We supplement our staff as needed with seasoned professionals. We also partner with a number of firms when our clients need services beyond Connect’s areas of specialty. Some of these firms include:

  • Critical Metrics – helps clients understand what drives employee and customer success by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.
  • Integral Intelligence – uses a holistic model, or way-of-being, to help leaders enhance self-insight and intention to improve their leadership and business performance.
  • Joining Forces – advises leaders on managing mergers, restructurings and other transitions.