13 clever ‘hacks’ to adopt a more optimistic mindset

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In this expert panel from the Forbes Coaches Council, 13 Forbes Coaches Council members, including me, shared clever “hacks” that you can use to increase your optimism, or at least turn your pessimistic outlook into a more optimistic mindset.

Being more optimistic helps you be more open to opportunities, and can even improve your mental health.

My panel contribution is #6. Reframe Negative Thoughts Into Positive Opportunities.

This hack involves building a new habit of “reframing.” Here’s how it work. After you have a negative thought, pause and ask yourself, “How can I flip that around to something positive?” For example, let’s say your team member criticizes your first draft of a report. After you think, “They called my report and me a failure,” stop, and ask yourself, “How can I think of this differently, preferably in a positive way?” For example, you may say: “I have an opportunity to improve my report and how this person views both me and it.” or “With this feedback I have an opportunity to turn this first draft into a awesome report.”

You can use reframing in all sorts of situations. For example, I recently used reframing on a mini-roadtrip vacation. It was the first time since February 1, 2020 that @MarcelTheTherapyDog and I were separated and I missed him deeply. (He always joins us on road trips to visit family, but this time we were going sight-seeing in Florida and didn’t want him to be uncomfortable in the heat.)

Rather than feel sorry for myself, I reframed my experience and became joyful. Why? I had a five-day reprieve from picking up poop! Yes!

For all 13 hacks, check out 13 clever ‘hacks’ to adopt a more optimistic mindset, which Forbes posted online on June 11, 2021.



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