Work With Us

Learn how to add  more value with less resources. 

Using the LEAN COMMUNICATIONS™ system with its tips, tools and techniques, you improve your ability and credibility. You can communicate smarter, not harder, and get better results. 

The LEAN COMMUNICATIONS™ system is built on three principles that also guide our business:

  1. Adding value.
  2. Cutting waste.
  3. Striving for simple, continual improvements.

You can work with us in these ways:

1. Instructing

2. Consulting, including audits, custom tools, process improvement, communications function/department organization redesigns, and implementation of the 5-Step LEAN COMMUNICATIONS™ system

3. Coaching

4. Training and Facilitating

5. Speaking

The LEAN COMMUNICATIONS™ system supports you while respecting your time, smarts and budget. Our tips, tools and techniques as well as our custom services are all based on direct experience. The LEAN COMMUNICATIONS™ system is not theoretical or hypothetical; it’s grounded in practical, real world experience as well as the lean principles from the Toyota Production System.

So who is The LEAN COMMUNICATOR™ behind the LEAN COMMUNICATIONS™ system? Liz Guthridge shares her background and experience here.