How can you close the gap as a strategic advisor?

Can you deliver what your leaders want?

In survey after survey, CEOs and other leaders say effective internal communication, including strategic communication counsel, is critical to the performance of their organizations.  In fact, in a Deloitte research study, 95% of the surveyed CEOs rated effective internal communication as a key ingredient for success. Yet, just 22% said that the delivery of internal communication was effective.

So what do communication advisors and coaches say about this gap, as well as the role they play?

Learn what the new research reveals about the role of strategic communication advisors. And find out how you can become more valuable to leaders.

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  • Tips for making time to focus on your professional development while following through on your day-to-day responsibilities.

In addition to sharing the survey results, we’ll talk about how you can benefit from the wisdom and experiences of others.

For example, what does it take to be so hard-wired with skills, know-how and practice that you can serve leaders more effortlessly? What can you do to make stronger connections to become more credible, trustworthy and indispensible?

During this call, you’ll also get ideas that you can act on immediately to be a better strategic advisor.

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About Liz Guthridge: Trusted communication advisor, Liz Guthridge, will lead you through this call. Liz is the founder of Connect Consulting Group, focusing on strategic change leadership and communications.

Liz serves as a strategic advisor to many leaders as well as a coach, trainer, and supporter of other strategic advisors. She also is the creator of The Strategic Action Group, designed for communication professionals who want to learn how to become more strategic through a combination of individual coaching and small group interaction.

Liz has unique expertise as she’s probably the only change leadership and communication expert who’s trained with David Nadler, Roger D’Aprix, David Rock, and General Henry M. Robert.

Her client roster includes Bayer HealthCare, Central Garden & Pet, The Clorox Company, Hilton Worldwide, Hewlett-Packard, Iron Mountain, Juniper Networks,, and VeriSign.