Manager Toolkit: Leading Employees in Turbulent Times

By Liz Guthridge, The LEAN Communicator TM
Highlighted in Melcrum’s Essential Toolkits for Communicating Change
Scratch the itch! Relieve the pain! Fill the void!
Many people managers these days are asking for tools to help them communicate better with their employees during these turbulent times.
So help your managers with this easy-to-use manager toolkit that you can either post online or print. It’s ready to go once you insert your organization’s goals, which will make the toolkit even more relevant and valuable.
The toolkit is packed with easy-to-implement suggestions that require minimal time and low-to-no cost from managers. The LEAN Communicator TM features these five topics:
1. Three key messages managers need to be sending and reinforcing to their employees
2. Low-cost, simple-to-implement ideas for managers on how to communicate more personally with their team members
3. Inexpensive and quick yet effective ways to celebrate wins
4. Questions and answers
5. More resources.

Price: $60