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Feel free to help yourself to these tools and articles. 


Connect uses LEAN COMMUNICATIONS® principles and practices to achieve goals, improve performance and to build trust. We optimize people’s time, money and resources, which is respectful, responsible, and rewarding.

The three main LEAN COMMUNICATIONS® principles we follow are to add value to customers, cut clutter and waste, and strive for simple, continual improvements. You can take advantage of some of our LEAN COMMUNICATIONS® tools here. You also can buy the LEAN COMMUNICATIONS® manual.

Silent, Sugarcoated Moose®

When your leaders say one thing and start acting another, you’re in Silent, Sugarcoated Moose® territory. It’s where  productivity, personal credibility and company reputation start to decline. If you’re not careful, leaders’ trust with employees and other stakeholders can plummet.

Moose on the loose bust trust. To build trust and find out more about moose, turn to Connect’s special Silent, Sugarcoated Moose® services.


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