Connect’s Traps to Avoid If the Top Employee Communication Role Is Vacant

10 Potential Traps If the Top Employee Communication Role Is Vacant

When no one is accountable for employee communication, the organization can fall into these 10 traps. (Even organizations with large employee communication staffs can fall into these traps.)

  1. Reacting, not planning.
  2. Following leaders, not guiding them.
  3. Gurgling or gushing unfiltered information, not processing it for consumption.
  4. Tolerating inconsistencies, not guarding against them.
  5. Broadcasting messages, not targeting them to niches.
  6. Talking in monologues, not dialogues.
  7. Pinging key audiences, not engaging with them.
  8. Going with gut feelings, not hard metrics.
  9. Being wasteful, not resourceful.
  10. Discouraging junior staff, not encouraging them.