Parliamentarian – Services

If you’re interested in turning chaos into order, these services can help you and your organization.


Answer questions on bylaws, parliamentary procedure, standing rules, elections, voting or whatever document you have that needs interpreting.

Review bylaws and recommend revisions, including working with a committee in drafting amendments or
writing your first set of bylaws.

Prepare a written parliamentary opinion based on the rules of your organization, your parliamentary
authority and the specific issue you’re dealing with.

On-site meeting and convention support

Sit at the side of your presiding officer to answer questions, ensure that the right process and procedures are being followed and help your meetings run smoothly and on time.

• For annual meetings or conventions, help prepare the officers and committee chairs for the official
business meeting, review voting procedures, anticipate challenging areas, advise on key issues, and serve as the parliamentarian at the meeting.

Serve as a professional presiding officer for hearings or contentious or complicated meetings, especially if impartiality and objectiveness is needed.


Provide group training to increase knowledge, comfort and confidence with parliamentary procedure so
you and others can navigate meetings better and make them more valuable, action-oriented and enjoyable.

Offer one-on-one training to new board chairs and presidents who need to get up to speed quickly to
conduct more effective meetings.

• Provide specialized training for board officers, especially the president, secretary and treasurer, so they can fulfill their duties of office with assurance.