Hunting—and Taming—Silent, Sugarcoated Moose® Services

To build and maintain trust, Connect will work with you to:

  1. Find the loose moose in your organization, and explicitly name it.
  2. Take responsibility for the moose, including creating awareness that moose can cause damage if left to roam.
  3. Recognize that we all have a little moose inside us, but if tamed, it will be an asset for building personal and organizational credibility and trust.

Hunting and taming moose takes courage, confidence and commitment. The best way to hunt and tame moose is to adopt an approach that gives you CHEER (candor, hopefulness, engagement, empowerment and respect).

By contrast, many organizations and their people live with FIE (fear, indecision and exhaustion).

Some immediate actions to take are:

  • Contact Connect’s moose guide about moose, including building awareness in your organization about moose and the damage moose can cause.
  • Learn more in Moose Resources about the fragile nature of credibility and trust. You also can get Connect’s 5 Tips for Hunting and Taming Silent, Sugarcoated Moose® (pdf file)
  • Request assistance for a particular moose on the loose in your organization from Connect’s Moose Guide and panel of experts.
  • Go on a moose-hunting expedition with Connect’s Moose Guide. Using our diagnostic, identify where the moose are in your organization and what type of problems they are causing or could cause. Also assess the value to you if you solved these problems. And then develop an action plan to deal with the moose.
  • Share your experiences with Silent, Sugarcoated Moose® and get feedback from Connect’s Moose Guide and panel of experts.

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