Connect’s Moose Guide

Your main guide through Silent, Sugarcoated Moose® territory is Liz Guthridge. She is an expert in hunting and taming moose due to her expertise and experiences with organizations around:

  • Analyzing “saying/doing” and “knowing/doing” gaps and helping fill them
  • Developing strategic messaging that gets results
  • Dealing with implicit as well as explicit communication to build credibility
  • Teaching work teams and leaders to practice inquiry, not just advocacy
  • Leading change

Liz Guthridge, the founder of Connect, has been dealing with moose in the work world for more than 25 years now. In early 2001, she determined that most of the moose she and her clients were now experiencing had mutated into a Silent, Sugarcoated Moose® species. Rather than stay silent, especially in the wake of continuing corporate scandals that were damaging the reputations of her clients and other organizations, Liz decided to confront the moose in herself. She’s now speaking out on how moose are hurting credibility and trust for individuals, work teams and organizations. More importantly, she’s also taking actions to encourage moose-free zones.

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